Sport Fucker MOTOVibe Tailgunner


Black USB Rechargeable Prostate Massager

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The first plug in the Sport Fucker MOTOVibe line, the Tailgunner features five vibration frequencies and five movement patterns on its insertable tip. The small circle on its tail enhance the vibration sensations felt along the taint. This plug is made from high quality, medical grade material that is both waterproof and phthalate free. Despite the power the Tailgunner packs, no batteries are required-it’s quickly and easily rechargeable with the included USB cord.

Product Features
– Vibration with 5 frequencies
– Movement with 5 variations
– Waterproof
– Rechargeable
– Compatible with all sexual lubricants

Product Dimensions
– 10.8 cm (4.25”) insertable length
– 3.8 cm (1.5”) widest diameter

Care Instructions
– Wash before and after each use
– Charge before use
– Store seperate from non silicone items