The 9’s Bubble Fun – Studded


Pink 17.8 cm (7”) Vibrator

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Pop One In!

Hungry for pleasure? Give yourself a snack with the Studded Bubble FunT Gummy Vibe. With a 17.8 cm (7”) vibrating shaft bulging with studded stimulation points.

This toy was designed for pure pleasure. Molded in soft, skin-like TPE for comfortable, body-safe use. This premium gummy-vibe comes with variable-speed, so you can ”dial-up” the vibes to your exact liking. Don’t wait for pleasure, tide yourself over with a tasty Bubble Fun.T vibe!

Fun, Bubbly design witrh pleasure bulges for added stimulation! Variable speed control in a full-size 17.8 cm (7”) length! Glossy Gummy pink colours! Pleasure bulges add stimulation!